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Timeline for Moving

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Timeline for Moving


It can sometimes feel like an eternity between when you purchase or lease your new home and when you move in. Packing and moving can be very overwhelming.

The following is a rough guide to help make this task a little less daunting.

Approximately 1-2 months (4-8 weeks) prior:

  • Confirm and/or decide a set date for moving
  • Determine your self-storage needs and reserve your storage facility
  • Identify and book a removalist or rental vehicle to move your goods
  • Arrange insurance for goods in transit
  • Identify packing requirements and purchase supplies
  • Commence packing boxes as soon as possible making sure to sell or donate those items that are unwanted or no longer needed
  • Start using up your food supplies in the freezer and pantry to ensure minimal food wastage close to your moving day

In the month leading up to your move:

  • As you continue packing, address any repair works required on appliances and consider taking clothing to the dry cleaners
  • Notify schools, kindergartens, childcare centres and utility companies of your move
  • Arrange disconnection of your utilities in the premises you are leaving and reconnection at your new premises
  • Arrange all mail redirection with Australia Post
  • Notify Vic Roads of your new address to enable a change of address for your driver’s licence and vehicle registration
  • Take an inventory of your household goods that are going into storage. This can be completed as you pack
  • Update your house and contents insurance accordingly and speak to Thomas Storage regarding your insurance needs for your stored goods
  • Arrange a myriad of helpers (children, friend and relatives) to help on a moving day or arrange for your children to be looked after if this is more appropriate
  • Make arrangements for your pets to be looked after on a moving day and arrange transport

 The day before your move:

  • Contact removalist to confirm pick-up time
  • Complete last minute packing except for kitchen items and bedding that may be still in use and bedding
  • Get plenty of rest

On your moving day:

  • “Supervise” and/or assist the removalists to ensure everything is packed properly and heading for the correct destination
  • Don’t forget your documents and valuables
  • Check the house and garden to ensure nothing is left behind. Be sure to check each cupboard thoroughly as sometimes things can be overlooked
  • Ensure lights are switched off when you leave
  • Switch water off at the main
  • Conduct one last clean of floors and bathrooms once the house is empty
  • Don’t forget to lock the door!